Are you tired of trying to change but not having results?

  • Are you always trying to lose weight, only to get no lasting results?
  • Do you think about goals but get no forward motion towards achieving them? 
  • Have you spent your past couple decades taking care of things in your life you love, like kids, the house, your job, your extended family, etc. only to realize you didn't take care of you? 
  • Did you get "lost in the dailiness" of life somewhere along the way? 
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with your life?

 I specialize in working with women over 40 to help them wake up to the life they want. I help you  feel vibrant, sexy and free.  You absolutely can feel this way each day.  I often say, sexy isn't a size. It's a feeling. Wouldn't you like to feel that? 

As your private transformational coach, I specialize in holistic nutrition, habit creation, mindset shifting, and lifestyle fitness.  I help you shed and keep off weight, create new habits that help you create a life that makes you feel vibrant both in your body and in your environment. 

Offering individual and team coaching, transformational seminars, keynote addresses, workshops, fitness and yoga classes, online coaching programs and writing for traditional publications, I am passionate about being a catalyst for change and releasing untapped potential in working with individuals and leaders that are hungry to make a difference in themselves and in others.  Based in the tenets of mindfulness training, creating a strong and healthy mind and body, goal creation, and a deeply committed gratitude and values practice, my programs will help you uncover your talents and passion to have a profound  impact as you create the life of your dreams.