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“After years of joint and body pain, weight gain, and inflammation issues, I was tired. Everyone kept telling me this is what happens when you age. I was so uncomfortable in my body, and I felt depressed in all the areas of my life. But then I started LifeREVAMP. I identified all the areas I wanted to revamp in my life. The program gave me the tools to do just that. It showed me I can design my life. To whatever I want it to be.” 



I’ve shed nine pounds, gained strength, met lots of fabulous people, have a more positive attitude and all of that = a happy life! I absolutely LOVE LifeREVAMP and can’t thank Amy enough for the wealth of knowledge that she has shared.” 


“I cannot believe I finally found something that worked. You met me where I was and helped me change one thing at a time, at a pace that was perfect for me. I cannot believe my results. This is just who I am now. I thought you would show me how to eat and exercise, but we ended up working on all these other areas of my life too. It was completely a Life Revamp!”

- Jenni

“LifeREVAMP has stopped the progress of my diabetes and greatly reducing my joint pain, helping me maintain a healthy focus on diet and exercise. I am grateful every day for Amy’s caring and positive coaching. I’ve shed over 20 pounds and have kept it off! I love looking good in a pair of tight jeans and I’m in my 60’s!”

- Mary

“I needed to revamp my life. I shed 50 pounds and have kept it off. I am participating in my life again. From biking to seeing friends, almost everything feels different now. I recently texted Amy to thank her for helping me fit comfortably in an airplane seat again!”

- Julie

“Amy is an excellent speaker. I loved her presentation style. So personable, relatable, and entertaining. She was the best speaker I have ever heard.”

- College City Beverage Employee

I lost 11 pounds in the 14 day deep dive detox and have continued to shed more weight since it finished. I am at 15 pounds now and know I will succeed all the way to my goal! I am 77 years old and this is the first time I have successfully lost weight in so many years!”

- Jeannie M.

“I cultivated more gratitude, changed my eating, feel hopeful in my life, stopped snacking in the evenings, took up knitting, and am feeling different about my life after taking the LifeREVAMP program.”


- Aimee

“The confidence and sense of accomplishment I’ve gained in LifeRevamp is spilling out into other areas of my life. At work, at home, my happiness and sense of well-being is much less dependent on other people, much more related to feeling great about myself and what I can do.”



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