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Question of the Week: My Life Is Out Of Whack! How Do I Get Back On Track?

As I got into my 40’s I remember thinking, “How did my health, my home, and my relationships get so out of whack?”

Someone asked me this today about herself, and I thought the question would be a good one for this weeks post.

Looking back to that time, I realize I was just working to get through the day; focused on getting the “to do” list done, the house picked up, dinner made, etc. I wasn’t thinking about how to take my health to the next level. Nor was I finding time to dive deep into clearing out the clutter that had been slowly building year over year in my storage room, closets, and cabinets. My relationships, both with my spouse and my friends, weren’t being nurtured like they once had been.

People often ask me how they got this way. I believe it happens one tiny step at a time, until one day, you realize you are way off track.

For most people, the issue is not knowing how to get back on track.

I believe we get back on the way we got off. One tiny step at a time.

The great part is, it really won’t take very long once you identify what you want to create. When you are working “on purpose”, forward motion is much easier.

Below are 3 steps to recreating your life; little changes that become big shifts. With these steps, you can begin feeling great about your health, your home, and your relationships!

Step 1: Start with your health.

  • Decrease or cut out processed food.
  • Drink more water.
  • Focus on moving around more each day.
  • Eat more vegetables and good fats.

Step 2: Create a home you want to come back to.

  • Begin your home overhaul by decluttering one area or one room at a time. Start with the door you most frequently enter from. Wash the door, put away the shoes and jackets, tidy the whole area. The first thing you see will set up how you feel about everything else.
  • Once you are done with the first area, move onto the next area you walk through upon coming home each day. Once an area is clutter-free, make a rule: it stays that way!
  • Continue to take extra items to a donation center. Do this weekly until you have gone through your entire home.

Step 3: Reconnect with your partner and friends.

  • To reconnect with your partner, start by going out for a fun evening or arrange for a quiet night in.
  • Often, once you can break the ice with this person again, the old loving feelings start to come back quickly.
  • Think about things you did for your partner in the past when you did feel connected; try them out again.
  • For your friends, call them (calling > texting) and arrange to meet for coffee or a drink. Start small and build into the relationship again.

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

                           -Vincent Van Gogh

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