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both completely messy & totally beautiful. It has been a lovely, long, and winding road
interlaced with a few complicated bumps.

Like so many folks out there, my life is busy. And full. And so happy. And has been presented with many intense challenges.

The long version is parked in my blog. But the short version? Well…

I was raised in a small rural town in the upper Midwest. But I always felt I should live in the warmth.

I got married young. Divorced 22 years later. Then married my soulmate.

I raised 4 kids. And fostered 84 more.

I’ve started businesses. And grown two to be regional hubs.

I’ve run marathons and triathlons after being told I’d never be able to be active again. Taught over 8,000 hours of yoga. And helped over 1,000 people REVAMP their lives.

I’ve watched loved ones fight epic battles to recover from accidents. Celebrated amazing feats. And cried while feeling the greatest sense of deep pride.

I gave the best of myself to everyone else for 20 years and lost myself in the process.
Then found myself again.

I complained about growing older. Until one moment changed my outlook forever.

I found my purpose. Questioned it. Then committed to it fully.

Life is beautiful. Even the messy parts. When we learn to show up, amazing and indescribable things happen.

That’s how everything changed for me. It can change for you too.

I’ve helped over
1,000 people

Transform their lives.

Now it’s your turn.


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