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We All Have Good Intentions

I’d like to think that I have the best of intentions. I’d bet you do too. But here are the facts – intentions, in this form, don’t do much. We know this, right? Our loved ones don’t feel so loved if we meant to call them. Our body and mind don’t feel refreshed if we […]

A busy and full life

My life has been both completely messy- and totally beautiful. Like so many folks out there, my life is busy. And full. And full of joy. It also has had intense challenges. The stories behind the links dive deeper. I was raised in a small rural town in the midwest. And have lived within 45 […]

What you possess, possesses you.

Are you holding onto physical & mental clutter?   The struggles I’ve had in life come from expectations I hold. Years ago I decided that I needed to be invincible. I needed to make sure I was capable of whatever came my way. I had kids..they needed a mom who could handle it all. Having […]

Question of the Week: My Life Is Out Of Whack! How Do I Get Back On Track?

As I got into my 40’s I remember thinking, “How did my health, my home, and my relationships get so out of whack?” Someone asked me this today about herself, and I thought the question would be a good one for this weeks post. Looking back to that time, I realize I was just working […]

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