Here’s my story….I was queen of the yo-yo diets. What magic pill could I pop or shake could I drink to shed weight. They worked for a while but then I’d quit, gain the weight back and move on to the next fad diet….huge waste of money! Last fall was when one of these diets really went bad. It was a super high protein diet and eating every 2-3 hrs. I had absolutely no energy, horrible headaches, was gaining weight not losing it, super stressed at work and then the worst part…my hair starting falling out. Yeah….losing your hair….now that’s a huge bummer! So my dieting budget turned into my hair budget and then I was 25 lbs. overweight, not a good winter for me. Right after our winter vacation we went out for dinner with my cousin and her husband. And I was like,” hey you look great!” I could totally see a difference in her. I knew she had started doing LIFER
EVAMP and she was only in her 3rd week of her first session. I was shocked that in only 3 weeks there was a change. So I started to think more and more about it. I stalked the HeartWork website for a while reading about the class. But group fitness….no way! I can’t do that, I don’t work out, I’ll look like an idiot. Totally scared of that whole concept. I kept asking my cousin tons of questions about the nutrition because I had gone to see a nutritionist and she set me up on a meal plan that (she said) would help me lose weight. I had a follow up appointment a month later and I had gained 5 lbs! She wanted me to increase my calorie intake. I was like “ummmm, no way. I’ve gained weight, why am I going to eat more?!” So after continuing to see a change in my cousin and was so unhappy with myself I decided to just do it. I called Amy and chatted for a half an hour. I told her what the nutritionist had me doing and she was like, “NO, NO, NO!!! That is not the right way.” After hearing how passionate she was about everything I signed up for the next session of LIFEREVAMP that day. I was soooooo nervous from that day until the class started. What did I get myself into? Now I’m starting my 3rd session of LIFEREVAMP and have only had 5 non-revamp-style meals since May 9th. I’ve shed 9 lbs, gained strength, met lots of fabulous people, have a more positive attitude and all of that = a happy life! I absolutely LOVE LIFEREVAMP and can’t thank Amy enough for the wealth of knowledge that she has shared.        –Arianna

I’m not really a New Year’s resolution maker. Like most people, I rarely follow through on my intentions past the first few weeks, so why bother? This January, something different happened. I signed up for LIFEREVAMP. For two years, I’d been watching the announcements of Revamp sessions and thinking “That’s exactly what I need to do.” But, for two years something wasn’t quite convenient. The time commitment, my travel schedule, cash flow, an injury. Six weeks later, a new announcement, and I would think “That’s exactly what I need to do.” Now I realize the biggest obstacle was my mindset. I had a lot of ideas running through my head when I thought about doing LIFEREVAMP. I’ll be the oldest, creakiest, slowest person in the class. I won’t be able to keep up. I’ll never be young and healthy again. I’m genetically destined to be overweight. I look horrible in lycra. I also had these other ideas in my head: I would love to go backpacking again. I’d love to do a long bike tour. I wonder if I could learn to waterski? In my professional life, I work with adult college students, teaching science to people who are convinced that they “can’t do science,” or that they’re “not good at science.” A big part of my job is to help my students understand that they don’t have to already be good at it, they don’t have to already know everything, that the point of the course is to start where they are and build from there. My students inspire me every day. Once they work through the mindset that they can’t do something, they push themselves hard because they hold a life-long goal to earn a college degree. Maybe I could be learning more from them. When I finally started LIFEREVAMP, guess what? It didn’t matter whether I was the oldest, slowest, creakiest person in the class. I didn’t have to already be good at anything. I could set my own pace, and push myself as hard as I wanted to. I started to feel younger and healthier. I started to lose weight. And the lycra thing? Didn’t matter at all. Every week I got stronger. Every week I could do something I couldn’t do the week before. Every week, one more, “I can’t possibly do that” turned into one more “I’m going to try that,” which turned into one more “I’ve got this”. The tone of LIFEREVAMP makes this possible. It really is designed to meet everyone exactly where they are, whatever their age or fitness level and to move forward from there. It’s also designed to turn around negative mindsets. Amy’s genuine enthusiasm for every accomplishment, small or large, turns the work into play. The nutrition information, goal setting, and group discussions challenge us to rethink what is possible in our lives. A big part of LIFEREVAMP is setting goals, dreaming big, and working to meet them. In Late July I’ll be participation in a five day, 300-mile fundraising bike tour. It’s pretty much exactly what I need to do. And I’ve got this.       -Julie