I offer a private coaching program called My LIFEREVAMP where I work with an individual client 11 times over the course of 4-5 months.  It is tailored for each person I work with either by phone or in-person (when possible). Clients that have completed this program have had incredible success with healing heath issues, finally shedding weight and creating life changing, lasting habit changes.

One private coaching client who finished the program in June said this,

“I cannot believe I finally found something that worked. You met me where I was and helped me change one thing at a time, at a pace that was perfect for me. I cannot believe my results. This is just who I am now. I thought you would show me how to eat and exercise, but we ended up working on all these other areas of my life too. It was completely a Life Revamp!                     -Jenni

My goal was to create a life changing private coaching program. I see the results of it over and over.

My approach to private coaching with LIFEREVAMP is a combination of real, no-hype nutrition education, customized step-by-step habit creation, fitness workouts in-person (if possible) and also through a library of videos created specifically for this private program, goal setting and accountability, and steps to assist you in waking up to all areas of your life, all rolled into one. We will go at the pace that works for you. What you will learn about nutrition will make perfect sense and is easy to apply to your normal life. In doing so, if you have weight to shed, you will shed it. Even people who have struggled with weight loss or keeping weight off have had amazing, lasting changes in doing this program. I do not recommend specific shakes, supplements, or a specific diet, but rather teach you what you can do to accommodate your specific needs, taking into consideration factors like health issues, eating preferences, age, hormonal imbalances, and time constraints.

I offer a 4-5 month private coaching package that starts with a foundation session to see where you are that includes everything from measurements, food journal, goal sheets,  and pre-coaching assessments. We then move into the first month with bi-weekly workout/coaching sessions that will be 75 minutes in length. We will make a plan for you to get in more workouts through private client videos I have made that you will have access to, or with unlimited access to classes at HeartWork Studio which is included in this package. You will also have access to the Mastering Your Metabolism course I teach through my video library along with meditation and fitness videos that you can watch whenever you want to.

During month one you will gain an education in nutrition in an easy to understand, easy to apply, steps to slowly change your habits. Additionally, you will learn excellent fitness form, and steps that we decide will help you move forward in a successful way. We will create a workout regimen that will meet you where you are while challenging you. This will help move you towards your goals.  We will also work to fine tune and rev up your nutrition to a place that is working  great.  Any gaps in your nutrition will be assessed and discussed. You will learn tips to make this process doable and will gain you success.  We’ll set goals during this month and move thru the steps to completion during your four or five months.  

I practice an “In time” coaching method that addresses blocks and issues as they arise.  I find this approach creates the greatest amount of change for my clients.

Then from months two through four we continue to meet every other week as you create more habits and hone them. We continue to take your fitness and nutrition to the next level. Each session will be divided between coaching, planning, and if in person, a workout. If we do all our work together by phone, the workout portion is completed in a different manner.

This program includes unlimited free classes at HeartWork for those in the vicinity, your own 120 page “My LIFEREVAMP” manual, unlimited access to me through email for questions and clarifications, accountability check-ins by texting, 11 in-person or phone sessions of fitness and coaching that are slated for 75 minutes, and access to my video library for workouts, meditations, and the nutrition course.

We will schedule as many in advance as your schedule allows.

The fee for the program is $2,400. A payment plan is available if necessary. You will be amazed at the lasting changes you will make in these four to five months.  This coaching program is designed to once and for all create incredible life changes for you.

I am excited for the opportunity to work with you. Please let me know if this is a program you want to dive into. I have availability at this point in my week for you. If you are able to schedule ahead a month or so it will be easiest for us to find matching availability.