You + Food with Amy  

  • Are you struggling with added weight, even though you think you are eating right?
  • Did you buy the low fat lie of the 80's-90's and now know that it doesn't work?
  • Are you confused about what/when to eat to improve your metabolism and moods?
  • Do you store weight in your mid-section, even though you eat well?
  • Do you know how to create meals to help you shed extra weight and keep it off?
  • Could losing/maintaining weight loss be easy without counting calories or points?

Learn how to sort through all the latest information and find your way to a healthy you!

 Amy has over 17 years of Personal Training, Nutritional Coaching, Yoga Training and Life Coaching experience. Her clients appreciate her vast nutritional knowledge and easy-to-understand approach to eating and healing your body through food and movement. Join this 2-part class to understand how to eat to shed weight, heal your metabolism,and improve your moods. Enjoy helpful handouts, food tasting, recipes, and discussion to get you on the path to understanding nutrition - once and for all. 

Watch for information about classes this winter.