About your Trainer - Amy Machacek

I believe that every human being deeply wants to have an amazing life while making a difference, and I believe in leading by example. I founded LIFEREVAMP, Inc. to continue to take the work I had been doing in my other business, HeartWork Studio, to more people who wanted to start living the life they were born to live.  Since then I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of people and leaders in many organizations, including the Jack Canfield Organization, the State of Minnesota, Seagate, Hallmark Insights, St. Olaf College, Carleton College, the University of St. Thomas, the Minneapolis Aquatennial, Minnesota School District 659, the Malt-O-Meal Company, Certified Yoga Teacher Training Schools, many athletic teams, among others.  

Offering individual and team coaching, transformational seminars, keynote addresses, workshops, fitness and yoga classes, online coaching programs and writing for traditional publications, I am passionate about being a catalyst for positivity and releasing untapped potential in working with individuals and leaders that are hungry to make a difference in themselves and in others.  Based in the tenets of mindfulness training, creating a strong and healthy mind and body, goal creation, and a deeply committed gratitude and values practice, my programs will help you uncover your talents and passion to have a profound  impact as you create the life of your dreams.

“You, and you alone, are responsible for taking actions to create the life of your dreams. Nobody else can (or will) do it for you."
-Jack Canfield

Official Story

Highly energetic by nature with a passion for learning and teaching, I have soaked in as much training and accreditation as possible over the years. I continue to collect information and inspiration everyday.  I’m a certified  Success Principles Trainer through the Jack Canfield Organization and have had the privilege of working with Jack as an assistant for his Train the Trainer Program.  I’ve taken advanced coaching courses including Transformational Coaching; Wellness Coaching 360’, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the RIM Method with Dr. Deborah Sandella; and the Dale Carnegie Institute. I am a certified vinyasa yoga teacher with a 200 hour E-RYT Yoga Alliance certification and have trained hundreds of people to become yoga teachers in the past 8 years. I have personally taught over 8,000 yoga classes.  I graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in Psychology, and also hold a degree in Architectural Drafting and Design. Prior to founding LIFE. REVAMP., I grew a small yoga studio into a regionally recognized yoga center complete with a highly sought after Yoga Teacher Training School. The school attracts people from the entire Midwest and as far away as Germany, England and both U.S. coasts.

I have been sighted in and written for regional publications including ReDoux Magazine, The Northfield News, Girlfriends Magazine, The Catholic Digest, the St. Thomas Magazine and Women Inc. Magazine.

I created and published The Back & Forth Journal, an interactive journal that is written in and passed back and forth between parent and child. I created the journal after seeing the great need for communication in families as we were the foster family for 84 children over the course of 11 years.

Personal Story

I sometimes say that I had this mindset that I had to live my entire life in 10 years. It was as if I didn’t want to miss any opportunity that came my way. I graduated from college, got married,  had 4 children in 6 years, was a foster mom to 84 foster children in 11 years, ran marathons and did triathlons, volunteered on every committee at my kids’ school, remodeled three houses, and bought and built a successful business… all before age 35. And then I got sick. Not cancer-type sick. But sick enough that for 6 months I could hardly get through my day and fulfill all of my parenting and business and personal responsibilities. My health was not good and I was gaining weight consistently. I kept going to my doctor who would say that either this was going to be my new normal or he would tell me I could take some medication. I knew that I didn’t need medication. But I didn’t want this to be the new me.  I finally went back to a doctor I had been to off and on for many years. She was my natural path doctor. She put me on some hard to swallow natural remedies and supplements, and told me that I was going to need to change my path of trying to do too much if I wanted to feel better. The supplements she gave me helped me finally feel like myself again. But the “doing too much” part didn’t really begin to change for another 5 years or so. I toyed with getting more focus in my life and occasionally would resign from a committee or say “no” to an opportunity, but I was still living in a way that kept me too busy and under a great deal of stress. I didn’t recognize that doing too many things that you love to do is still too many things! As I got into my early 40’s I finally decided that those “shifts” I had been talking about for years needed to happen for me.

Having slowly gained close to 25 pounds and feeling burned out I knew that I needed to start  my changes with what I was eating, what I was saying “yes” to, and what thoughts I was allowing to float around in my brain. The next two years were life changing years for me. Small changes became big changes. Thoughts that had been with me for years were either acted upon or banished from my mind. I created a vision board and wrote out goals, learned a great deal more about nutrition and applied it, dove even deeper into my yoga practice, and let go of many things in my life. As I think back now I recognize I went from a “jack of all trades, master of none” to a person with much deeper focus and satisfaction. When working with clients, I remind them that in the U.S., we live in an place where for many people there are countless opportunities. Saying “yes” to too many things, even though we may want to do them, is what is causing many of us stress, anxiety, feelings of overwhelm, and a general lack of passion for living.

As I continued on my own path of re-creation, I focused on intentional choices that inspired a shift in commitment, motivation and passion for life. I used success habits and created results in my life that amazed me. For many years, my clients would tell me that I was changing their life because I held an expanded vision for them until they could see and experience it for themselves. I always felt this same vision for myself, but I was too busy to be able to follow through with what I was trying to create. Finally I was able to stay focused long enough to complete my own personal mission for myself, my children, and my business.   

“My purpose is to help change people’s lives by holding an expanded vision for them until they can see and embody it for themselves."